Sunday, June 13, 2010


I'm always on the lookout for a better pencil. Recently on a discussion list I'm on, the topic of pencils came up, with lots of suggestions about which ones were liked or preferred. So of course, I had to try some of the favorites!
The turqoise ones were my favorites for a long time. You can see the pencil extender on one of them.

Even though I've spent a lot on pencils, trying to find the "perfect" one, I still go back to this one: a Sanford EarthWrite number 2 HB. From OfficeMax. Go figure. It's smooth (no grittiness in the middle of a line like the Raffines do), sharpens well, doesn't smudge too much and the color is nice and dark. 

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FIRE_BAD said...

Try Tombow pencils. Made in Japan. You'll never look back. I have a stockpile, you're welcome to.