Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Astronaut Annie to be read aloud by an astronaut in space March 2019

"Out of this world" news from author Suzanne Slade Astronaut Annie is going to Space!! 

Chicago's Daily Herald reporter Doug T. Graham writes: “A rocket on a resupply mission will carry the book to the space station where it will be read aloud by an astronaut. So far, about 20 other children’s books have been read by astronauts in orbit, all on video for children to watch.”

That article led to a bit on Chicago'sWBBM radio station, too.

Astronaut Annie is going up on the SpaceX CRS-17 launch. According to this schedule (which changes), the rocket will blast off from Cape Canaveral sometime in March 2019.

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Follow Me Down to Nicodemus Town

  • Follow Me Down to Nicodemus Town
  • Based on the History of the African American Pioneer Settlement
  • By A. LaFaye
  • Illustrated by Nicole Tadgell

  • When Dede sees a notice offering land to black people in Kansas, her family decides to give up their life of sharecropping to become homesteading pioneers in the Midwest. Inspired by the true story of Nicodemus, Kansas, a town founded in the late 1870s by Exodusters—former slaves leaving the Jim Crow South in search of a new beginning—this fictional story follows Dede and her parents as they set out to stake and secure a claim, finally allowing them to have a home to call their own.

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