Sunday, January 28, 2007


It's getting close to that time of year agent's March mailing! As with any promotions I do, it's always very hard for me to choose which pieces of art to include.

The purpose is to attract new buyers, remind previous buyers that I'm around and interested in doing new work. The art is supposed to be my best, and is supposed to show what I can do, what I do well, and what I want to do.

It's recommended that I show children and adults of different ages, ethnicities, engaged in a variety of different activities, emotions, settings. This is always so hard for me! I often think my work is not good enough.

And then there are some pieces that I'm not allowed to show until they appear in the print publication, sometimes all the way into 2008! By then, I definately won't like it anymore, and will probably (hopefully) have improved significantly enough that I wouldn't want to show it. I think. Maybe.

Anyway...back to work!