Wednesday, October 26, 2011


What if...

Squirrels eat pumpkin...are they Zombie Squirrels?

A scary moonlit night...the old tree stump looks like it might have a face...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Dog tags

I kept all of dog's tags. Strung ribbon through them, made a loop, and they're Christmas tree ornaments. :) This one I did on cold press watercolor paper with Winsor Newton colors.


I got some "Yupo" paper and experimented with it. It's very smooth, and watercolor can "sit" on top of the surface, almost the way it looks on a paper palette. The experience was very frustrating for me so far...
I think the watercolors were too thin and light.
So I did a really loose sketch of a maltese, and threw on darker, richer colors. This is when I realized that unless your hands are superclean, oils will leave areas that the paint won't adhere to.

So without any pencil, I loaded up some brushes with green and brown and did this. Ah, I think I see how it should work now.

Next I'll experiment with printing a drawing onto it from my Epson. Then make sure I don't use any lotion on my hands before painting!