Sunday, October 08, 2006

Drawing for fun. I'd like to do more of that! It's a long weekend and I'm all caught up on deadlines, so I think I will!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tatnuck Bookseller on Sat. Aug. 19th!

I'm going to be at Tatnuck Bookseller in Westboro this Saturay at 11:00! I'll be doing a booksigning, reading, and watercolor demonstration. Should be fun!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Eric Carle this Saturday!

I'll be at the Eric Carle Museum this Saturday July 15 reading and signing my new book Josias, Hold the Book! There will be coloring pages for kids, a little bit of "show and tell" and maybe even a drawing demo!


Friday, June 02, 2006

Eric Carle on June 4th!

Bagels and Books with Local Illustrators! I am honored to be part of this group appearing at the Eric Carle Picture Book Museum. There will be a panel discussion moderated by none other than Patricia MacLachlan, author of "Sarah, Plain and Tall" among many other wonderful books. I wonder if I should bring my copy for her to sign??

Here's a page from my new book "Jammin', Rockin', Toe Stompin' on the Rooftop" I recently finished painting for a New Zealand company. It was challenging and fun. I'm not overly fond of cities, being a country girl, but I brought out what I liked about cities and what I liked about the story, and this is my favorite picture of the bunch.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Upcoming Events!

On May 27th (that's a Saturday!) I'm going to be signing at the Barnes & Noble in Lincoln Plaza in Worcester, MA! From 11 to 12. Please come & see me, even if you already have a copy of my new book. Bookstore owners love to see crowds, and so do I.

Magazine work!

I finished some work for a magazine and wanted to post some of the pieces here. I'm very happy with the results! I LOVE the way the watercolor came out. I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of watercolor.

And the young man in the picture came out a lot like my friend, D! Um...sorry, D, I was told to make the caregiver young & fun, so I thought of you!

Also, I just finished reading Grace Lin's Year of the Dog, and put the little girl on the right with her very own "Year of the Dog" tee shirt as a tribute to Grace's wonderful novel.

Monday, April 17, 2006

WMIG Show!

Wish I had a picture to post...oh well. This weekend I finished the prep work for the Western Mass Illustrator's Guild group show coming up in Amherst in May. It took a loooong time to decide which paintings to include, and in which order. (They asked us to order them in case there wasn't room for some). Making art decisions like this are very hard for me! So I chose two from Josias, Hold the Book, one from Fatuma, and one from Lights Out.

Michael's had a frame sale, so I got the frames there, and cut the mats myself. I hate cutting mats. It requires patience and precision. I usually ruin two for every good one I cut. Good thing the mat board was also a bargain! Then I agonized over the labelling of the artwork, making sure there wasn't any dog hair trapped between the glass and the art (boy their fur gets positively everywhere) etc. I feel incredibly priviliged to be in a show with such talented folks, and really want my art to look good (without breaking the bank!)

As for selling the art...well, this is a gallery show, so I'm expecting folks to look, not buy. I have a hard time selling originals - it takes a lot for me to part with them. Some folks I just can't say no to... my brother, my father, my friend Dain from mom of course. :)

Show opens May birthday!

Here's a black & white ink project I did recently. It was short, fun, and didn't take long. There are 7 drawings altogether.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Here's a picture I did while I was working on a ballet piece for Scholastic Magazine. It wasn't part of the project, but I loved those two figures I saw from looking at dance troupes online. The spotlights kind of look like a heart, too. It would've made a nice card, if I had been motivated enough to produce valentine's day cards. :)

This month is going to be busy! I have two school visits at the end of the month, plus several new book and educational projects in the works!

I'll be at the Olive Tree Bookstore in Springfield, Mass on April 22 for a booksigning of Josias, Hold the Book! Hopefully more will be scheduled in Central Mass very soon, as I've been in touch with area bookstores. Meeting people who love books is always fun!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Phew! I spent all weekend printing high-quality inkjet prints on photo paper of the above image. This is for my agent's group mailing which goes out in March. As usual, it's agony for me to choose a design. I brought this and several other images (many as pencil sketches) to my artist group and most folks chose this one. It's a story concept based on my experiences as a child in Texas, very much embellished! "Slimy Green Shorts" refers to the time my sister and I went down to the culvert because we wanted to see tadpoles. We weren't allowed there, because of the danger of flash floods, but we snuck down there anyway. We slipped and fell in the tunnel, getting our white shorts all slimy-green. Think Mom will notice?? We got in big trouble, of course. :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Too dark

Here's the one I talked about earlier. It's too blue...too dark. Not to mention the drawing isn't right, either. I ignored proportions in favor of capturing the melancholy mood.


Here's the image I'm using for a new Winter/Valentine's mailing my agent is doing. I have a really hard time choosing or making art for my portfolio, because I want it to be perfect and put too much pressure on myself. This one I painted just for fun a few weeks ago, when I was working on an educational project about kids going to see a ballet.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My blog is called Chocolate Luck because of this little drawing.

What I like best about my artwork is that it is kind of loose and lively. This is the first ink drawing I did where I was able to relax and get a nice result without feeling like I had to make every line perfect. It also combines two things I'm interested in drawing: fantasy and children of color. And chocolate...well, that is my absolute favorite thing to eat. And luck? Can't talk about it, I might jinx it!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Josias, Hold the Book

I've recently received copies from my publisher of my newest book! It will be released in March. The book is about a young boy in Haiti who grows a small plot of vegetables for his family. When the beans don't come up, he begins to worry. Find out how he solves his problem and learn a bit about Haiti by reading the book!