Saturday, June 01, 2013

Our Borders: Brandy and Boomer

Brandy came to us as a 10 week old puppy, February 19, 1995. She came from Kilduff, bred by Maribeth McMahon out in Sturbridge, MA. Her sire was Kilduff's Brass Boomerang, her dam was called Betsy.



Boomer we got at 11 months old in 1997, also from Kilduff. He and Brandy share the same father, Kilduff's Brass Boomerang. He had been returned to the breeder because one testicle didn't descend, which meant he couldn't be a showdog. He grew up with Rottweilers, and was originally named Ozzie. We thought his sire's name suited him better, so he became Boomer to us.

One for me, one for you.

Brandy, half stripped

Boomer's done, Brandy's half-done.

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My what big teeth you have!

Boomer's favorite rug


Sleepy toothy

Always wanted to be together... no matter how hot or crowded.

Who's painting this thing?
Freshly stripped
Might be the last time he was allowed on that rug...his sister liked to pee on it.

Brandy in the sunshine...