Monday, April 17, 2006

WMIG Show!

Wish I had a picture to post...oh well. This weekend I finished the prep work for the Western Mass Illustrator's Guild group show coming up in Amherst in May. It took a loooong time to decide which paintings to include, and in which order. (They asked us to order them in case there wasn't room for some). Making art decisions like this are very hard for me! So I chose two from Josias, Hold the Book, one from Fatuma, and one from Lights Out.

Michael's had a frame sale, so I got the frames there, and cut the mats myself. I hate cutting mats. It requires patience and precision. I usually ruin two for every good one I cut. Good thing the mat board was also a bargain! Then I agonized over the labelling of the artwork, making sure there wasn't any dog hair trapped between the glass and the art (boy their fur gets positively everywhere) etc. I feel incredibly priviliged to be in a show with such talented folks, and really want my art to look good (without breaking the bank!)

As for selling the art...well, this is a gallery show, so I'm expecting folks to look, not buy. I have a hard time selling originals - it takes a lot for me to part with them. Some folks I just can't say no to... my brother, my father, my friend Dain from mom of course. :)

Show opens May birthday!

Here's a black & white ink project I did recently. It was short, fun, and didn't take long. There are 7 drawings altogether.