Monday, February 13, 2006

Phew! I spent all weekend printing high-quality inkjet prints on photo paper of the above image. This is for my agent's group mailing which goes out in March. As usual, it's agony for me to choose a design. I brought this and several other images (many as pencil sketches) to my artist group and most folks chose this one. It's a story concept based on my experiences as a child in Texas, very much embellished! "Slimy Green Shorts" refers to the time my sister and I went down to the culvert because we wanted to see tadpoles. We weren't allowed there, because of the danger of flash floods, but we snuck down there anyway. We slipped and fell in the tunnel, getting our white shorts all slimy-green. Think Mom will notice?? We got in big trouble, of course. :)