Wednesday, August 08, 2012

New Work!

After completing a very "tightly rendered" project, I wanted to do something much more loose! I like to look at photos that spark my imagination and inspire me to draw, and I found this photographer/artist -  Soraya Jean-Louis McElroy - whose photos really grabbed me.

She kindly granted me permission, and so here are the images I made from her photos. Usually when I use photos for inspiration, I change them a LOT so they don't look like they are from the photo. But Soraya's photos were perfect the way they were, so I didn't change very much.

Part of the experiment was to use colors differently - to let them blend on the paper rather than mixing them myself and trying too hard to get consistent colors, or layering them up and risking the art being "overworked".

Since I really needed new art for my agent's fall mailing, I worked on creating a "story". Soraya had a series of photos showing two girls, one with a birthday crown, another with a girl's gap-toothed grin in the shade of a willow tree, and another with two girls walking arm in arm. 

So I changed a few things, imagining the girls are walking away from an old borded up house - what if it was Grandma's?

What if the birthday crown was a treasure, buried in the back yard?


Cheryl Kirk Noll said...

Nice, Nicole. I especially love the 2nd color one... the girl with the tilted head just sings!

Splendor said...

So glad Soraya linked to your blog. What lovely pictures. Maybe in the future we can work together as I have a children's book I need illustrated.

Elena said...

Absolutely beautiful work!