Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Doing your best

What is your best?

Doing your best has more to do with getting your mind, body and spirit on the same page at once.
Performers and sports players know how hard this can be. Artists, too. It might seem, on the surface, that if you're a writer or artist, you can go back and re-do, rework, repaint. With deadlines, there's a limit. Or like a student taking a test. An answer that keeps eluding you – then you know it suddenly, hours after the exam.

So when I show my work, is it the best I can do? Yes and no. It WAS the best, at that time. Sometimes I overwork or overthink the art, and the art I did in a different state of mind is actually "better". That's why a lot of art artists do for themselves (as opposed to contract work ) is "better". No one to say what the subject should be. How the character is feeling, what he is doing.

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