Monday, August 11, 2008

Coloring pages for kids!

I like to make at least one for kids to color with each new book I do. For NO MUSH TODAY, I've got several ideas.

Lately, I like to print a drawing in blue - by cutting the black channel and pasting it into the Cyan. Then I ink right on top of it, then scan it in and delete the Cyan channel.

What's hard is making the art simple enough to be colored in! It's hard to tell what will be "too hard" for kids or "too easy". So I make both. I guess it also depends on the age of the kids, and how much patience they have.


abnormalbrain said...

Neat! I love the last pic of the ducks.

shadrieka said...

These are so great! What an outstanding idea! I'm sure kids would love to be able to visit your site and download coloring pages directly too. :-)

Nicole Tadgell said...

I'm hoping to get some updates to my website soon!

SN Taylor said...

So, do you draw on the computer to get the image you want first? Your coloring pages are really cute and I think it is a great idea to draw children into your books and stories!