Monday, January 05, 2009

Post-holiday blahs....

Now that the holidays and the travelling are all over, I can get back to the artwork, right? Right? Tell that to my sluggish hands. I'm feeling pretty blah at the moment.

I'm at that stage that many artists get to...everything I do looks crappy, all my ideas aren't good enough....why should I try? This too, shall passs.

Maybe I just need a little chocolate. :)


shadrieka said...

Just toss the first two or three. The fire should be kindled by then ;-)

Or, there's always chocolate.

Hope to see you (finally) in Feb. Happy New Year.

Unknown said...

I freelance and just finished illustrating a kids book, my first a few weeks ago with a writer friend of mine. We are now looking for publishing, came across lee and low and you book. Nice style!

What got my attention was your artist block comment. The past week or so I have experienced the block. The last 4 things I have tried have ended with trash and disappointment. Luckily the book is done but my freelance work is stopped, well hope the light come back on for you. Peace