Thursday, July 02, 2009

Social media

I'm learning more about social media, and marketing. I created a myspace page a long time ago, but deleted it because I didn't like the interface - too many ads and flashy-things. Plus I couldn't really keep my personal life separated from my professional life.

I have a Twitter account now, it's called "nicoletadgell", but I'd like to change that to look different. Like how about capital letters and a space? Or... maybe I want it to have a name like Studio NT. I wish there was a way you could edit stuff like that, but it looks like I'd have to delete the account and start a new one? I don't know. And the 140 character thing is weird for me. How do I know what I want to say is 140 characters? If it doesn't fit, I'll have to keep rewording, then it doesn't say what I wanted. And I don't think you can edit it afterwards, like you can with blogger. I'd hate to have a spelling error and not be able to fix it.

Maybe I worry too much about stuff like that - and then there's Facebook! I've heard that you'll hear from people from long ago - some you may not want to hear from!

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