Thursday, November 19, 2015

My Cancer Days


It's November! Happy book birthday to my newest picture book:
My Cancer Days by Courtney Filigenzi
Published by the American Cancer Society. ISBN 978-1604430912

Helping children with cancer cope with their illness, this illustrated book approaches their emotions from diagnosis through treatment in a way that they can easily understand and can help describe what they are feeling. In the story, a young girl uses color to express her full range of emotions as she undergoes cancer treatment. Some days she's sad, some days she's happy, and other days she's scared or angry. The girl comes to realize that these ups and downs are perfectly normal for her situation. The book assures children with cancer that they are not alone, and helps them understand that it's okay to let out their feelings.

There's a beautiful interview of the author by Stacy Simon on the American Cancer society's website  here, and a video as well here.

This book was an amazing experience for me. Special thanks go to Danielle Perron and David Hagan of Why Me, for taking the time to talk with me and let me be involved in experiencing the lives of children and families in cancer treatment.

Dr. Naheed Usmani and the graduate students of UMass Memorial, and Child Life services were also very helpful. I can only hope my small part provides a bit of help and understanding for kids, friends and families.

The most wonderful thing I experienced was how overwhelmingly positive the kids were. Kids are amazing. They have the ability to develop acceptance quickly, and they live with such grace and joy.

I also made some coloring pages! Click here!

Neviyah was the perfect model!
A visit to the New England Aquarium was excellent inspiration!
I used a limited color palette for each of her "days". This day is blue.
I felt that keeping the watercolor especially loose worked well. I love how the light from the balloon tints her face and hands.

Rough pencil sketch for a wraparound cover.


Inspirational Photo for Sisters art

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