Friday, September 01, 2023

Sammy and Pepper

Here's the finished painting, added a bit of ink lines. Extra space on top for text or header. 

This is the original photo. 

First I tried to follow the photo closely.

Maybe if I changed their positions?

It's kind of decorative and very sweet. Maybe if I paint it...

Too sweet.

Also, I didn't like his face.

The hollyhocks were now too distracting.

Maybe looser? Less attention to the hollyhocks? And a bit of loose ink at the end. 

Straight to paint, not much pencil and didn't scan the pencil.


Still not 100% happy with it, though. 

I decided to try & capture the emotion more than the photo. 

Maybe the boy is younger? 

This felt right. Much simpler. Equal weight/attention on boy and dog. Hollyhocks are just there, not distracting. 

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