Monday, November 17, 2008

20 Artists of Worcester Reception

On Friday, I headed down to the Davis Printers' building (not to be confused with Davis Advertising!) to see the art show. There were a lot of people!

Here's Erika Sidor with a friend (I believe he's an artist, too, and I can't recall his name - sorry!)
Erika did my author photos, like the one in the header on this blog. :) See the doggies in the background? Awesome.
Here's my friend Derek, with his art. The art is gorgeous, and the frame really is perfect for this piece. :)

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abnormalbrain said...

Thanks for posting these, Nicole! The man with Erika is Stephen Dirado, extraordinary photographer, he is also a photography prof at Clark U.

Boy I look a mess in that photo. Honestly, you really shouldn't hang around with weirdos like that.