Saturday, November 08, 2008

Eric Carle Museum of Picturebook Art

I'm going to be at the Eric Carle this Sunday, November 16th! At 10:00am, I'll share breakfast with the museum members. I'll hang out for a bit in the studio, doing art demos, then I'll read "No Mush Today" for the kids in auditorium (so everyone can see!)


"In The Reading Library
Meet Nicole Tadgell
November 16, 2008
2:00 pm
Free with Museum Admission

Special Storytime Guest! Join Nicole Tadgell as she introduces you to her most recent book, No Mush Today. Learn how her own experiences as an older sibling helped inform her illustrations and whether or not you share Nonnie’s breakfast frustrations. Book signing to follow."

Please come by and enjoy the fabulous artwork in this museum, and also hear me read No Mush Today. I'd love to see you there!

P.S. Even cooler !! at 1:00pm Join Lolly Robinson, guest curator of Over Rainbows and Down Rabbit Holes: The Art of Children’s Books, in conversation with Kinuko Craft, Jerry Pinkney, Rosemary Wells, and Paul O. Zelinsky as they discuss the art and design of the picture book.


shadrieka said...

This is great. Have a great time and enjoy the reading!

Lori Calabrese said...

Hi, Nicole! Hope you had a great time at the Eric Carle Museum. I was recently tagged on my blog and had to subject others to the fun, so tag you're it! (Please don't feel any obligation to participate.)

You can find more info on my blog!
All the best,