Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lights Out!

This book is one of my favorites. Night scenes can be scary for young children, so painted everything with a bluish/purplish tint, with lots of moonlight. The little girl in this book is based on my younger sister - she kept the rest of the family busy keeping up with her! The doll I made (a hobby I've always enjoyed) and the quilt I designed. I'd like to say I'm a quilter, but I never got around to doing more than table runners, pillows, a baby blanket and a wall hanging. So I just collect fabric and pretend that someday I'll actually use it. :)

from Lights Out! by Angela Shelf Medearis. Scholastic/Color-Bridge Books, 2004. All images copyright Nicole Tadgell.

This book is available through the publisher or or visit your local bookseller to order it.

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