Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two more awesome reviews for No Mush Today

Write for a Reader Blog:
My Review: I enjoyed this book. It is short and simple. Who hasn’t had their oldest child, because of a younger sibling, want to run away? I think it is something that every older sibling goes through. Now that the new baby is here, some of the attention is gone. That is how Nonie feels. Plus, she is tired of having mush for breakfast. Things will be better at Grandma’s (next door). Or will they? Children will relate to this story. I like the fact that the story is about an African American family. We need to expose children to all cultures and books is one way to do that. Children also need to see other children like them in books, and Lee & Low does this so well with the titles they choose to publish. I love how the illustrator uses facial expressions to show Nonie’s feelings. As you read, you notice these even though the author doesn’t tell you how Nonie feels. This adds so much to the story. Young children will love this story for it’s illustrations, and it’s message. Things may be better somewhere else, but home is the best place to be.

and The Brown Bookshelf:
No Mush Today (Lee & Low Books), written by Sally Derby, illustrated by Nicole Tadgell (grades 2- 3)

This charming story made me smile. It’s a day-in-the life story of Nonie, a young African American girl who’s had enough — no more bawlin’ baby brother, and especially no more mush! So she took off to spend the day with her grandma.

I enjoyed the story sure enough, but I especially loved Tadgell’s art. Her soft lines are expressive, her watercolors are crisp, her color scheme is dreamy! And her characters are real — they look like people you know.


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